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Practical Mastery Package

Practical Mastery Package

Practical Mastery Package

Looking to amplify your realtime skills or transition from machine stenography to voice writing? Our Practical Mastery Package is just what you need. This focused learning option is the perfect stepping-stone for students who've already completed their academics at another court reporting school or for professionals seeking to elevate their skills and adapt to the evolving industry needs.

Focused Voice Writing Training

Dive deep into the nuances of voice writing with our streamlined curriculum that solely focuses on enhancing your voice writing proficiency.

Master Dragon and Case Catalyst VP Software

Our Practical Mastery Package offers specific emphasis on mastering Dragon and Case Catalyst VP, two crucial software tools in the industry. This focused approach ensures that you're not just learning, but mastering the tools you need to succeed.

Comprehensive Exemption Test

To ensure we understand your needs and can tailor our approach effectively, all transfer students will be subjected to a comprehensive exemption test, ensuring a seamless continuation of your educational journey.

Concise, Relevant Learning

By focusing only on voice writing, we cut out the noise and provide you with a learning experience that's relevant to your needs. This means no unnecessary lessons on grammar, legal terminology, medical terminology, or court reporting procedures. Your learning is streamlined, efficient, and laser-focused.

Take your voice writing skills to the next level with our Practical Mastery Package. Embrace the future of court reporting and equip yourself with the tools and skills to excel. Enroll now and start your journey towards practical mastery in voice writing.